We all survived the full moon in Leo with aplomb this last few days. We had our first microcosm full moon sand mandala ritual in the Aerie. It was lovely and freeing. Letting go is a big energy right now and I’m bashing through that with a two foot metal pipe. Metaphorically, of course. My pipes are nowhere near two feet.


I am all for opening my eyes to something sustainably energetic these days. Sustainability is a very big theme for me recently because I have a need to maintain that which I’ve built like never before. The mother paradigm says we have explored in our maiden stage and now we are leading those around us to the light and letting them grow. In doing so, we grow ourselves. It’s wonderful to experience the world anew- and also terrifying.

Building is a slow process and requires much contemplation. As an Aries, I am not for the slow burn and inherently patient. I love bursting wilds of creativity and delight. To satiate my need to burn and be free while maintaining a working balance, I have delved into the world of impermanent art. Every moment is a unique adventure. It is. It really is. No moment will happen again.

Just stop and think about that for a second.



What you do have with you is your essence.

Who you are.

You carry that with you.

So, spill out your cups, little Star
and let your light shine

your Temperance has paid off.



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