Rainy Day, Man

Rainfall has been going strong all night and into the morning. The soft gentle patter like bad things breaking apart and washing free has been my steady companion while I sleep. I’ve been discarding the old and creating the new. Not creating from scratch, but from what I already have with some new things thrown in there for good measure. It’s a cathartic process. Of course, a little moon music is helping the morning transition. Perhaps the pumpkin coffee is an aid as well. There is something incredibly vulnerable about bare feet in the rain that rejoices in the weather just warm enough to warrant such adventures.

There is something lovely about rainy days teat permeates even the indoors. The light is softer, the sound is soft, the feeling is soft and calming. Perhaps that is why we associate rain with cleansing, with strong emotions, with a meditative contemplation often mistaken for sadness.

They are my favorite days. Gentle days are often my favorite days. As much as I love those days where you run at top speed whiling away the hours at something you love, there isn’t much time to take stock. These special soft days allow us to take stock. It repoints, sharpens, and clarifies our purpose; it comforts, calms, and slows us down immeasurably.

Water, itself, is a healing element. Water has many mercurial properties. Water is persistent and works around us with seeming gentleness, but is secretly a mighty force. That in itself is what it summarizes to work at things with a feminine energy. While we have the ability to force things, most of what the world desires of us requires nurturing.

It is important to nurture oneself most of all.

I once had a lecture from a producer about how if we don’t nurture ourselves first, we will never be able to take care of those around us. He used an example of breathing masks on an airplane (air sign) but as I’m in a watery mood today let’s modify that story to one with some relevance: if you are drowning and the person next to you is drowning, do you help them to stop drowning or take care of yourself first? Naturally, we are inclined to help others, but if you don’t stop to take stock of your own situation and find something to cling to in the water you have nothing to offer them in the way of true help. You two will end up clinging to each other as you both go down, but if you stop to find something floating nearby that you can cling to so that you are no longer drowning, you can then pull them over and help. You simply cannot help someone if you have nothing to offer if you yourself are in distress.

As a mother, self care is essential. I can feel myself slipping on the health aspect now and full plan to spend as much time possible this week drinking tea and taking naps whenever the little goddess goes down. I’ve created my own drifting float by staying far enough ahead of everything I need to do to be able to take this week to calmly focus on what is necessary and no more.

Everything else, let it go.

oXo kisses xOx,



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