A Little R & R & R (Rest, Relaxation, Reiki)

Healing is an essential part of life, but one that we frequently overlook unless we are faced with an illness that won’t allow us to look away.

We hear lots of terms about preventative medicine. Get cardio three times a week, eat a veggie shake for breakfast, and skip desert, right? We neglect that every day, every moment we are creators of our own reality, our own lives, our own bodies. That may sound grandiose, but it’s really not. We know when things are unhealthy for us, when we are not getting the exercise we should, when we should be resting, but let other priorities get in the way. We do a few things on occasion and argue with ourselves that we’re really doing the best we can given our limitations of time, money, and the fact that Stranger Things just became available on Netflix and we really need to binge watch the entire season to stay current with our friends on Facebook. We lie.

Not even a real lie, we tell ourselves, but we’re tired and really wanted that piece of blueberry crumble because we’ve had a rough day. There’s really nothing wrong with that, we tell ourselves. And maybe there isn’t, but what it does is create a reserve inside of us, a space that needs healing and health. We store that place with all the thoughts of tomorrows and next weeks and how many miles we used to run instead of doing it today and now.

So, sometimes, we need to catch up on healing. Some days are there for us to entirely immerse in a safe, comfortable space of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. As a new mother and an introvert, I have a hard time acquiring the space and time for these days myself. I end up relegating my quiet healing time to a few hours or a few minutes here or there and the result is feeling scattered and disjointed most days, feeling like I’ve never gotten enough sleep most days, and feeling like I need to escape most days.

There are absolutely wonderful moments in between these times and I wouldn’t want to give them up to run and hide somewhere, but the need to cocoon is strong. Especially as I’ve been genuinely ill this past week like I haven’t been since I did touring theatre productions to elementary schools. You haven’t known sickness until you’ve been nearly knocked over by a hug from thirty-five elementary school girls at once- all who presumably had different strains of colds and flus. It was a glorious time of life.

My personal journey into the land of healing today involves a lot of Reiki, tea, and cuddling watching My Little Pony. It is a glorious life and we plan to do a food tasting workshop later and then yoga on the beach. Well, I plan to yoga- she most likely plans to nap.

The point is; take those times, take those days. Make healing a priority in everything that you do. A simple reminder to ourselves to breathe and relax on that simple Sunday afternoon, and also, every afternoon- even just a little.Photo on 05-08-2014 at 14.56.jpg


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