A Briefer History of Morning

Insomnia strikes again.

After an evening of paintings, candlelight, and wolf children I would think I would be right out- like a candle, like a light, like a rocket.

Not so.

There were some wondering-ful in-betweens.

So close.

Instead, I’m here with you. Well, after a few bouts of random reorganization, tidying, and healing sage mixed with blue wax.

After all, if Korean Drama can’t put you out, I think it’s safe to say you’re up for a while.

Today was a very healing day overall. Facials and hair treatments aside, something about the soul needs to be reckoned with on occasion. Spas for the body, sisters for the soul.

There has been a rediscovering of sisterhood in my life lately. I’m enjoying it. It truly is something we cannot touch with any other type of relationship. It keeps poison out, it soothes wounds and it glows with some special warmth that just lingers.

I think, above all, it accepts you for who you are instead of making demands.

Birds are chirping in the forest outside. Waking should be like a dream right now; misty and full of consciousness. Instead its like an old friend waiting at the gate. We meet full on never having known what it is to be apart.

Still, the songs are pretty though.

What have you learned from looking back at the day?


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