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Snowey Mornings


I found a cash of old pictures. That kind where you look back and say gee, things have changed since then. My life is always an adventure. It’s an adventure I’m privileged to share with some wonderful people who’ve journeyed with me along the way. I know we don’t have a #StareBackSaturday or a #SeeHowFarYouveComeSaturday but maybe once in a while, it can be a fun exercise. I have had such wonderful and strong women in my life over the years. I still do. I feel honored by that. I’ve been touched by bright, wildly energetic, full of life, vibrant beings and feel so blessed when I think about the people I call my friends. There are an endless amount of stories waiting to be told in this world and I keep a few of these tales with me at any time.

This picture above was a one off from a shoot I’ve since lost the rest of.

and that’s good.

We transition through this world like we’re twisting in the wind. If we cling to hard to anything we have no room to let it grow or to let new experiences come in when they need to.

A huge part of growing is learning to let go of things that no longer serve us. Old feelings, old thoughts, old ways of being and the parts of ourselves that no longer inform who we are. The blessings tend to pile up when we do that.

Its a trick to learn to count those blessings without clinging to them.

Go play in some snowe today.

play like a child

and if you can’t find yourself some snowe

go make it

throw glitter in the air

fill the air with music





Be the light.

Till next time Snowebunnies


Miss Snowe