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Casual Hex

Natasha (a glittery sweetheart) is getting over a breakup. Her best friend Marina (a glam rock tomboy) helps her fight for what is hers. Together, they discover the mysterious nature of cathartic magick. Join them on their discovery…

Casual Hex: Chapter One from Casual Hex on Vimeo.

starring Brenna Gwynn Snowe as Natasha
MaryBeth Schroeder as Marina
with Butch McMahon as The Jackass
written & directed by MaryBeth Schroeder
with the mystical influence of L. Anna Lenz
music by MaryBeth Schroeder
created by Brenna Gwynn Snowe & MaryBeth Schroeder


Casual Hex, Chapter One: Mermaid Legs

Follow the adventures of Natasha and Marina as they navigate the ins and outs of life using their own brand of (sort of) magic…

Casual Hex: Chapter One from Casual Hex on Vimeo.

A web series in three parts written by MaryBeth Schroeder and using the collaborative talents of Brenna Gwyn Snowe and L. Anna Lenz, this isn’t your grandma’s occult episodic- no siree, Bob!