There was a crossword clue that got to me today. Seventeen, across, The start of many fairy tales, four letters. Well, the answer, Once.


Once upon a time.

It begins with once.

When something happens once, it isn’t meant to happen again. We can’t count on our lives being the kind of fairytale we are familiar with because they only happened once.

So, yes, we can go out and make our own fairytale, but we can’t count on it being one we’ve ever heard of before.

That’s right girls, having him summon you from a silver bell tied to a bush is right out, the ghost of your dead mother growing dresses on a tree for you might be also, fighting to find him and get the glass shard out of his eye is right out.

So, what’s left?

Well, that’s for you to find out.

Also, why I own a cat.


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