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One of those days…

One of those days...

One of those rainy days where I spend most of the afternoon responding to emails, sorting through bookings and, of course, opening up my heart and soul to all you lovelies.

I’ve been reading a lot on love and loss lately and it seems to be universal that love is not a lasting thing you can hold onto and put in your pocket, but a fluid diverse wonderful expression of joy in the universe. Sounds like a lot of big wordy mumbo jumbo? Well, I’m starting to think of it like this: love is this little nightlight you keep inside your heart. sometimes it’s the brightest thing in the room, sometimes it’s so small against the daylight you can’t even see it, or sometimes it’s so blaring you can’t get to sleep at night and you wish it would just switch off. but more than any of that, love just is. You can’t do anything about it other than focus on when it helps you and close your eyes when its too bright at night and hurts your eyes- but always know you aren’t alone in the dark because it’s there shining and light doesn’t belong to any ONE person, but to everyone who sees it. So feel love, be love- be joy, be sorrow- be you.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone along the way, you’re doing good work.

and speaking of work, I’m off to get back to mine!

Send me some love, post me some comments, tweet me some pictures. I love hearing from you all- and keep heart, May Day is almost here!


We’re All Mad Here

We're All Mad Here

It’s been a while since I’ve done a photo update over here. Being the Howard Stern Hot Chick of the Week for two weeks was a heady trip and I loved every minute of it, I loved all your kind comments and I’m sure you all enjoyed the influx of pictures on my various social media outlets, but now, having neglected my wonderful home here for such a long time, I have returned to you my luvies!

I am booking again- so get your appointment requests in early to ensure you can get the days and times you need and want!

and remember, do all things with love!

The coming holiday next weekend should help us all with that!


There was a crossword clue that got to me today. Seventeen, across, The start of many fairy tales, four letters. Well, the answer, Once.


Once upon a time.

It begins with once.

When something happens once, it isn’t meant to happen again. We can’t count on our lives being the kind of fairytale we are familiar with because they only happened once.

So, yes, we can go out and make our own fairytale, but we can’t count on it being one we’ve ever heard of before.

That’s right girls, having him summon you from a silver bell tied to a bush is right out, the ghost of your dead mother growing dresses on a tree for you might be also, fighting to find him and get the glass shard out of his eye is right out.

So, what’s left?

Well, that’s for you to find out.

Also, why I own a cat.


Im tired of my horoscope and daily readings saying have patience, plant seeds and trust the faith you have in all things. That these trials make you stronger.

Just once, I want them to say you’re going to be so happy today you can’t stand it and to remember god is there in the good times as well. That joy will be an efulgent quality of your life.

I just want to enjoy my life, enjoy my friends, and to love everything and love everyone. Im tired of being strong and learning hard lessons.

Im tired of making every day a trial to deal with this or move on from that.

I try to be kind beyond my measure, no I AM kind beyond my measure. I have people who know I would do anything for them. People who know I have their backs no matter what, but when it comes down to it, that doesn’t seem to matter.

How do you deal with constantly trusting the wrong people, giving them everything, and then knowing you have to move on. It’s painful, you don’t want to do it. You mourn someone who never existed and you mourn twice as hard the bystanders caught in the ceasefire that you never wanted to let go of to begin with.

I have Cassandra Syndrome. I always know when something will end terribly, but the getting there I never have patience for. My lesson in this life perhaps then is patience. It’s the hardest thing for me. Waiting. I can’t stand waiting.

I give all of me so often that I have nothing left when everything turns upside down.

Someone give me a blue pill, a magic wand, a new obsession.

I mean, there’s only so long you can lock yourself in your bedroom watching Doctor Who repeats with your cat.