The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway…

Every few years, we start fresh. We gather up the old parts of our closets, houses and lives and throw a sort of spring cleaning.

This ritual usually involves the cutting of ones hair, the reevaluation on friends, foes, family and the fragility of life.

Its painful, letting go of the things which no longer serve us. Most days, we are sure we will never be okay again, but somehow, amazingly, life goes on.

Spring keeps happening, flowers keep blooming and life, whatever it may be, keeps on living.

We find ourselves faced with new tasks, new problems, and new expectations.

This growing often hurts.

Change often feels like dying.

It feels this way because we need to put aside the world we know… for a new world.

One we make for ourselves and one that is hopefully better in the long run

Because we keep moving forward, pressing forward, infinitely forward into the infinity of love.

I hope we are all surrounded by love.

One day, maybe some of us will feel it.


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