Wonder-ful Winter

Wonder-ful Winter

So much craziness has happened since the new year where it feels like i’m moving non-stop with work. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good, no- a great thing. I’m always happiest when I’m working incessantly and winter is by far the roughest time for me.

Just this weekend past, I has a chance to work with several wonderful old friends and some new ones. I feel like it’s a paradox because I’ve grown to look forward to wrapping the film I’ve been working on in order to go back from red to blonde, but it’s neat to see all these pictures of myself with hair that’s so different.

It’s funny how hair colour changes my entire personality. I’m a bit sharper tongued with red hair, easy going in blonde and a bit darker when brunette. Whether it’s perceived or imagined, I think how we view ourselves plays a large part of our personalities. It shapes how we view the world around us in little moments. It pushes me to reshape my every moment towards something wonderful and positive- which is especially important in winter months when the cold and the darkness is so ready to take our happiness from us. It’s a small step from letting the cold hold us back to letting it inspire us to move faster, work harder and burn brighter.

So, on a dark winter night, remember to burn incredibly bright.

and keep going.

Keep moving.

      It’s like walking in the woods in the middle of a blizzard. I’ve done this so many times, mostly as a child, and as ill advised as it sounds, I think back on those times where you feel like solid ice and think it’s so easy to lay down and go to sleep right now, but if I go down, I’m not getting up again- and I kinda want to get up again.


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