Being one of “Those People”… Those “Actor” People.

So, I just got request via my personal Facebook book page, aka the one I never use, from a girl I went to high school with asking if I could give her with a famous horror movie director’s number because she had remembered I shared a booth at a con with him six years ago and some kid she knows has a magazine he wants to interview him for…

Now, I paused for a moment, letting the silliness of this wash over me, “Sure I’ll get you Angelina Jolie’s personal cell line, too while I’m at it, just let me get off this three way with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Neil Gaiman- we’re moving our poker game to next Thursday instead.”

Actors must all hang out together down at the actor bus station and the actor fruit and smoothie bar on Sundays…

Then, I stopped for a moment and thought, wait- I really could get his number if I needed it. Through contacts I had in the horror industry which until that moment had always been friends with crazy stories who made terrible movies that inspired awe and gore… but they did know him and other people around him who had worked with him. I’d worked with him myself and he really was the nicest of men, I just hadn’t been self promoting enough to hand someone my business card and be like hey, call me if you need a zombie in your next movie!

Was I going to do this? No. I wasn’t about to go out of my way to make several phone calls for someone whose name i didn’t even know to get him a personal phone line for someone I’d met once in order to promote some magazine I hadn’t even heard of, even though a third party I hadn’t spoken to in years obviously thought I was the one to make it happen.

So, I did the next best thing, I googled the info and then grabbed the info he’d need to book this director through the proper channels off IMDB Pro. Two minutes, no calling in favors- still information I wouldn’t have access to without a general knowledge of my industry and then a third thing, I was looking down the list of everyone this agency represents and realizing I have a higher IMDB number than a lot of the variety of names there. Wondering if maybe I should be thinking about submitting there now.

There’s a funny surreal moment in your life when you realize that maybe we are all interconnected a little bit, that it’s not islands alone in the storm, but that we are some sort of crazy archipelago winding through each other as we go about our lives.

As actors, directors, writers, and general creative types we like the idea of thinking we’re connected, but we also are told early on that it’s always everyone out for themselves, dog eat dog and watch your back. Not being a very dog eat-y type person, I like tho think that you can disagree and still be a functional working actor. Yes, you are going to beat some other people out for roles, but thats because you do what you do very well and there was something about how you did it that somebody liked- it would be there whether you ate that other dog or not and if we lived focusing on others instead of building ourselves to the best that we can be, well then we are just missing chance after chance to be wonderful instead of not.


So, in conclusion, remember that if you are an actor, you may not always feel like it- but you always ARE part of a greater community of artists and we get to swirl around in the mess together, we tell our wonderful stories, make our acquaintances and friends and then every once in a while a cold wind breathes in from outside and makes you step back a second and realize- oh wait- i AM interconnected into something special- into a community here- into a world where we are all here to create


… because that’s what storytellers do. 



We make myths.


We make smiles.


We make tears.


We tell stories.


and just sometimes… we eat brains


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