The Big Chill

So, back from Florida and it’s chilly out. A bit too chilly for my taste, but everyone claims it will warm up by the weekend. I, for one, am glad to have a kitten to cuddle up to, though the cuteness makes it entirely too hard to leave bed.

Filming for the official first film of 2014 is ninety percent done with only one more day shooting in NYC. I have dozens of smaller than feature projects on the horizon this month including a lot of online work coming up.

This is good. I like being busy.

…again, kitty and bed.

I seriously need to kick up my yoga so I can unwind and slip out without her noticing.

In other news, in case you haven’t heard, I nearly broke the IMDB top five thousand. I keep getting told this is a big deal- and it does make me happy to think that of all people who have ever been in and worked on movies I’m not way down at the bottom of the pile, but what would make me happier would be translating that into real work. Something I feel people dont get about the acting world when they’re not directly involved is that its not people hearing about you so that you’re famous, it’s people hearing about you so that you get offered work. I’ve turned down plenty of reality show offers including ones that paid very well, something of a myth itself, to not be portrayed …well, the way people are generally portrayed on those types of shows. The only one I’ve trusted to be included on his reality show is photographer, Scott Church and simply because I’ve known and adored him for years and there’s a healthy level of trust there as well as respect for his integrity.

All in all, people still seem to be excited to see me in things I’m generally sure they’ll miss me in, but larger bits keep coming out and making their way to the forefront. Until then, you just keep swimming and making your way from one project to the next. Truth is, I’m happy when I’m filming, when I’m wildly busy and the moments stuck in bed with my kitty updating my blog become immeasurably special to me then.

Unfortunately,  I have to crawl out of it today to go film some sketches and run four miles, but the best part of that is that reason I’m leaving bed is to do the only thing that makes me smile when I’m unconscious in it.

Have a good day, my lovelies

And remember, in these cold months, to just keep swimming


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